Most Awesome X-Ray Photos


For many teens who are beset by severe depression and other psychological demons, they often use physical pains to blunt their emotional pains. Therefore, we often see objects such as staples, pencil, shards of glass, sharp blade and so on embedded in their body through X-ray photos. The images of teens with staples embedded in their hands, a man with a nail in his feet, a woman with a small bullet in her breast, a small child with a pencil stabbed through his upper lip and so on are some of the most awesome X-Ray photos. Have a look at them below:

The X-ray above shows that the neck of a 17-year-old was embedded with a shard of glass

This X-ray shows a bobby pin fragment embedded in the neck of a 17-year-old girl deep into the left side of her neck

A 3-year-old child carried a pencil while he was running. The result was that the pencil stabbed through his upper lip deep into his eye. Fortunately, the surgery to remove this object was so successful and the boy is perfectly healthy right now

A small bullet embedded in the left chest of this woman for years after she was shot.

The X-ray shows metal pieces in the wrist of a teenage girl

It is so unusual that this sharp blade passed though the bowels of patient, but there was absolutely no damage.

There were three staples in the right hand of a teenage girl

A surgery has been carried out to remove graphite from the arm of a 15-year-old girl

This man stepped on a nail while he was strolling with sandals

There were six staples embedded into the arm of a 17-year-old girl

This patient was so lucky when these objects passed though the small intestine without causing any injuries


Chris Jacken used to work as a doctor of a general hospital in February 1998. Currently, Chris is a writer specializing in weight loss related issues. He posts his articles on a number of different directories.

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