What Is Involved In X-Ray Technician Training?


Are you interested in x-ray technician training?  You might like to know what is involved in this type of training.  You will learn how to deal with patients, how to prepare the equipment, how to use the equipment, how to protect patients from radiation and how to prepare schedules.  You will learn various lessons about the equipment that is used.  Some that you might learn about are MRI machines, sonogram machines and x-ray machines.

You will be expected by most hospitals and diagnostic centers to have certification in x-ray technology.  That usually takes about 9 months to complete.  Once you are certified there will be recertification every two years.  One of the reasons employers insist on your being certified is due to the recertification.  This makes sure you are constantly learning new procedures and ways to maintain new equipment.  As times change so does the medical field, often with new ways to look at the body.  An x-ray technician will need to be able to keep up with the changes.

It is possible to take x-ray technician training in community colleges.  Some parts of the training can even be done on the internet at home or work.  Much of the training is hands-on and will require you to go where the equipment is.  You will learn while performing the different procedures.  Something else that is quite common for x-ray techs to learn is how to do CT scans and angiograms.  They may even be required to learn how to do an  EKG on a patient.

It is important to be able to deal with other people.  As an x-ray technician you will tell the patients about the procedure they are going to have.  You will help them to get positioned properly for the procedure and will make sure they are safe from radiation.  If the patient is nervous about having a procedure done it is up to the tech to make them feel at ease about the procedure.

You will be responsible for the paperwork involved with x-rays.  A radiologist who has more advanced training, will read the x-rays and write up a report for the doctor who requested it.  A radiologists training also covers doing the actual x-rays, but it is seldom something that they do.  Their main job is to tell the doctor what the x-ray shows.

With x-ray technician training you will learn things like medical ethics, radiobiology and physiology.  You will learn x-ray techniques as well.  Remember to keep the reports private as this is what medical ethics teaches you to do.

As an x-ray tech you can make a good living.  With an associate’s degree you will probably get paid around 50,000 dollars a year.  Those who decide to go into a specialized leg of x-rays will receive more as will those in a supervisory position.  A lot of what you will earn is decided by the state you live in.  Some states will pay better than others.  Nevada and Maryland are two of the highest paid techs in the country.  Your training will also have a lot to do with how much you are paid.

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