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X-RAY TECHNICIAN EDUCATION: a) Educational requirements: A high school diploma or a GED is enough to get admission to the X-ray technician course.

Guide To X-Ray Technician Degrees & Careers
The most common way to begin a career as an X-ray technician is to earn an associate degree in radiography, although certificate and bachelor's degree programs exist, as well.

X-Ray Technician Schools
X-Ray Technician schools include programs taught in hospitals, community colleges, colleges, universities, vocational schools and online schools.

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The Educational Requirements for an X-Ray Technician. According to the National Institutes of Health's Office of Science Education, "Radiologic technicians take X-rays and administer nonradioactive materials into patients' blood streams for diagnostic purposes." Your role as an X-ray technician …

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This continuing education keeps each X-ray Technician up to date on the latest guidelines and procedures, and fresh on new techniques and technology. For X-ray Techs interested in continuing their education, there are many opportunities to obtain their specialization within this field.

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Medical x-ray machines will never cease to exist as long as diseases are around. And unfortunately for us the time for a disease-free Earth is not within our reach right now or even for a thousand years to come.

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Profiles x-ray tech schools and provides career, education, and certification information and resources.

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Welcome to X-RAY CE! Continuing Education Made Easy and Affordable in the Comfort of your own Home! View our ASRT Approved Courses. See why more imaging professionals use X-RAY CE®

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How To Become An X Ray Technician
An x ray technician is also called radiology technician, X ray tech, radiologic technologist or radiologist technician. The role of an x ray technician encompasses anything that is radiology or x ray related.

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X-ray technologist (sometimes called x-ray technician) training can be completed relatively quickly at a career college or trade school. Additional training is usually offered on the job in hospitals, physicians’ offices or diagnostic imaging centers (see: x-ray technologist job description).

Radiology Schools: X-Ray Technician
X-Ray Technician Career & Education Overview. Radiology Schools across the country. Learn about fully accredited online and campus based universities and colleges offering the nation's x-ray, ultrasound, and radiology training. Request information from schools that meet your needs.

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Learn what skills and education are required to become a X-ray Technician. Search for schools that can help prepare you for a successful career.

X-Ray Technician Salaries
X-Ray Technician salaries can vary with location, experience, employer and education. Median annual X-Ray Technician salaries were about $54,000 in May 2012.

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RADIOGRAPHY (X–RAY) – Riverland Community College Would you like a rewarding high tech career in the health Chemistry, and general education courses.

X-Ray Technologist Schools
X-Ray Tech Job Description. The primary job of an X-Ray Technologist, also called a Radiologic Technician, is to take x-rays of parts of the human body for diagnostic purposes.

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Learn how to become an X-ray technician – all about schools, requirements for certification, expected salary, and the exciting career that awaits you!

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Special Renewal Application For X–Ray Technician Bone … For X-Ray Technician Bone Densitometry Limited Permit Number (shown on your Permit) Expiration Date This box for RHB use only An approved continuing education credit is one hour of instruction received in subjects related to the …

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