X Ray Technician Requirements You Will Need


X ray technician requirements include at least 9 months of education and for many employers, a certification in x-ray technology.  Most employers will insist you have at least a certification from the ARRT.  In many states you must be certified in order to get a state license.  Most people who take x-ray technician training will remain in school for two years to earn their associate’s degree.  They can spend four years to become a specialist in one of the radiology fields.  After four years they will have a bachelor’s degree.

One of the main reasons for certification is that it ensures continued education in this field.  Science is always progressing and with that progression comes more need for knowledge. New equipment and new procedures are common with x-rays and the other fields of radiology.  There is always a need to learn these new procedures and learn how to correctly operate and maintain the equipment.

Some x ray technician requirements that many employers will have are following doctor’s orders, dealing with patients, explaining the procedure to patients, keep records of the patients, protect patients and yourself from radiation, take the x-rays, and in some cases you may develop the x-rays.

The states which pay the best include Nevada, Massachusetts, Maryland and Hawaii.  On average an x-ray technician will receive around 55,000 dollars a year for pay.  A specialist or supervisor might receive as much as 90,000 dollars a year.  This is a career that is in high demand right now and is expected to stay in high demand for several years.  Some of the places you could expect to work are in hospitals, diagnostic centers, physicians’ offices, specialty services and laboratories.  Many physicians now have the equipment to do their own x-rays so they will often hire an x-ray technician to fill these jobs.

To be a good x-ray technician you will want to be a people person, someone who enjoys working around others.  There will be a lot of patients in your life as an x-ray tech.  Although there is no law that says you have to be good with others, it will make your job much more enjoyable and rewarding.  Knowing you may have helped someone in some way is a good part of this job.  

When it comes to the patients you will want to help them to feel at ease with the procedure they are having done.  This could be x-rays or an MRI.  Sometimes people get frightened when they have their first MRI done.  They do not know what to expect so they naturally are a little frightened.  You can help them to be more comfortable by explaining what to expect and letting them know it will not hurt in any way.  Explain how the noises means the test is progressing and there will be different noises that they can expect.  Let them know you are right there with them so they have nothing to fear.  Dealing with people is a very important requirement when talking about the x ray technician requirements.  You are sure to love this career.

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