X Ray Technicians And Careers In Radiology


Radiology is an exciting field and one that offer many career possibilities to anyone who want to work in the medical field. Although becoming a Radiologist can be a very long and hard field of study, you don’t need to go that road if you want to work in Radiology. There are numerous support roles that are just as challenging and rewarding without becoming a fully qualified Radiologist.

Depending on your qualification, you can take up any of a variety of roles within the profession. At the most basic end of the spectrum is a 1 to 3 year qualification (full or part times) as an x ray technician. There are numerous radiology certificate programs available and it will allow you to perform basic x rays in a variety of setting. From hospitals to dental surgeries and even for veterinarians.

To become a Radiologic Technologist (RT or Rad Tech as its commonly known) you will need an associates degree in Radiologic Technology from a school that is accredited by the JCERT which is the governing body for Radiologists in America. After you obtain your qualification you can take the AART exam and get licensed in the state where you intend to work. As an RT you can command a much higher salary and many radiologists prefer to appoint qualified RT’s in their private practices.

Of course you can always go on and become a Radiologist, but very few do. This does not mean that your career is limited to taking x-rays all day. You will be actively involved with patients and fulfill an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

There’s also a wide field of career paths for those who wish to advance themselves. Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and many of the new human imaging technologies are all areas where you can specialize. Its very exciting and holds a lot of potential for driven and motivated individuals.

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